Thursday, 12 April 2007

A short-lived, if brutal, régime

(you will note that the protagonist, my good self, 'Biz', valiantly, heroically, obsequiously, endeavoured to ingratiate himself to the new ruler, to manoeuvre himself into a position to one day liberate Violaceous from the Tyrannical régime.)

Session Start: Thu Apr 12 23:18:03 2007

Session Ident: #violaceous

* Now talking in #violaceous


* Set by MiKeY on Thu Apr 12 23:14:23

[MiKeY] hey buudddy

[MiKeY] whats up

[Biz] erm

[Biz] one small matter

[MiKeY] Dont speak

[Biz] that i might raise with you

[MiKeY] ok?

[MiKeY] Sup?

[MiKeY] you were saying?

[MiKeY] my homies are commin

[Biz] well, you ordered me into silence

[MiKeY] sorry

[MiKeY] you may speak

[Biz] thank you, sir

[MiKeY] lol

[Biz] now, being as the new régime has been instated

* Nelson has joined #violaceous

[MiKeY] Hey Nelson

[MiKeY] who the fuck are you?

[Nelson] Well, I was Buddha.

[MiKeY] do you have a reason here?

[MiKeY] o ok

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[Nelson] But then I see that I was permanently banned for no reason.

[Nelson] So, I was going to ask Michele and Kisa for that.

[Nelson] about*

[Nelson] New ownership?

* inFused has joined #violaceous

* Nelson is now known as Buddha

* Biz: you're not channel operator

* Disconnected

Session Close: Thu Apr 12 23:22:07 2007

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