Saturday, 24 February 2007

*flag-waving, chest-beating post*

Well, this afternoontide, the virtuous Land of Ire is playing against those Sassanach scoundrels. It's not often I take an interest in such matters, but considering my position as an ex-pat, there is a certain attraction to a kind of romantic nationalism, whereby what at home seems a base and vile concept, here takes on the air of quiet nobility.
It was just such a high-brow ideal that moved the great Daniel O'Connell to use the 40-shilling freehold vote to destroy itself, so as to get himself a pretty pension...such a glorious national icon *ahem* but i digress.
I'll be sure to post a suitably triumphant entry when the English are inevitably beaten.

Incidentally, by way of explanation for yesterday's post,
(unbeknownst to him, someone had pre-programmed hot-keys to switch the keyboard layout)


aria said...

Hello! So you gonna wave the flag and beat your chest simultaneously? Should be ..err some pretty site.
Btw I missed the opening ceremony (cutting of the ribbon) so a delayed clap *thunderous applause* Hope you enjoy blogging and get addicted soon.
Keep writing.

Equivocationalist said...

Thank you, my dear. Any encouragement from you is highly valued.
I'm sure i shall be quite the addict.

Anonymous said...

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