Sunday, 25 February 2007


I am, at present, slaving away on an esoteric, and quite pointless, report on our humble pisciform friend, the Herring. Hence, the title of this post; i'm growing to loathe the little buggers. Following the 'experiment' we conducted on them, i took my revenge for the waste of my time by eating one for lunch (not one of the experimental cadavers, naturally, but one of his compatriots who'd been previously encased in tin).
hmm, back to work.


aria said...

hehe .. I only hope they don't haunt you later in the night.(their ghosts I mean)

steve said...

ghosts only ever hunt during the day

Equivocationalist said...

it seems their spectres had other appointments (perhaps with some fishermen) but i thank you for your concern :)