Monday, 12 March 2007

Afflicted by a wooden, hoplite-filled, equine effigy

I'm sick. That is to say, I have an infection, or rather my computer does (the distinction between us blurred long ago). As you might guess, the interloper in question is a trojan horse. It's currently only being kept at bay by my trusty firewall, but it's only a matter of time before those nasty greeks start a bucket-chain and douse it with water. Virtual water. Then, my ports will be wide open to the world. Actually, I don't understand these things as well as I should, but ho-hum, it is a problem. I've acquired several antiviral programs, and i'm planning to use them all at once like an amateur antibiotic experiment, except, of course, not.
Yes, my problems are enormous.


deniz said...

so are mine :P

i think my computer is infected to..i m in trouble. i was to take it to the place we bought.i will. soon :)

Equivocationalist said...

poor deniz. those places will overcharge you. there are some things i can talk you through trying first.

deniz said...

yeah, that can work..

talk to u soon :o