Friday, 16 March 2007

La Feile Padraig

Due to lack of forethought, i'm spending St Patrick's day in the Lake District, with a group of people who I not only don't know, but to whom the differences between 'English' and 'Irish' are largely academic. Ho-hum.


aria said...

I read somewhere .. people eat cabbage and corned beef on St Patrick's day and pinch people who aren't wearing green clothes ..
So, I hope you gonna do the same and have fun.

I asked about cricket earlier coz theres an Ireland team at the world cup ..currently being held in the caribbean and they are playing quite well. Guess they are participating for the first time. We here are totally crazy about cricket :D

Equivocationalist said...

Corned beef and cabbage? Not a tradition i'm aware of, and I can't say i've eaten either in a rather long time. The consumption of corned beef has always seemed a rather dismal prospect to me - something relegated to air-raid shelters during the London Blitz. In fact, I doubt i've eaten it more than a few times in my life.

And pinching people who aren't wearing green? Hmm. That sounds plausible. Perhaps it was a subconscious memory of this behaviour that caused me to wear at least one green garment on that day.

I was, actually, aware of that particular tournament, since it constituted a large part of the St. Paddys day plans, for a friend of mine. I was only informed of the outcome of that match last night, however, with the addendum that I was betraying my country for not knowing sooner.
Yes, i know how crazy you guys are about cricket. I lived with a New-Delhi denizen for 3 years :P

nicolette said...
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nicolette said...
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aria said...

Seriously I read it .. :(
Actually I've no idea what corned beef is.. (I'm pure veg and beef is banned here) .. but I read it somewhere and found it interesting .. so remembered.
And yes .. I'm never gonna talk about cricket again. :|