Thursday, 15 March 2007

Salvation is a nine-letter word

but it can also be spelled "".
Thanks to those nice people, my computer is cured.
Those things are like an insipid Japanese Knotweed - you cut it down, and it springs back again stronger than ever. It's like having a computer possessed - but no amount of theological yammering can exorcise it.

Of course, back in the good old days, there was none of this. We'd all be better off if we'd just stuck with Ataris, and BBC Micros. I wonder how many people remember those, now.

How many hours of fun I wiled away with my good friend, Podd. Of course, he wasn't just my friend - the entire class got to play with him; but I liked to think he and I had a special relationship. I'm sure I used the 'Podd explode" command proportionally less than others, if only out of a fear that one day, he might not recover. There was always that interminable moment after someone had dared to risk the humble, scarlet, Humpty-Dumpty doppleganger; as fragments of our long-suffering protagonist rebounded around the screen, I waited with bated breath, hoping that he would find the strength, the will, to coalesce once more.

Ah, the world is a poorer place, without Podd around. And what do we have instead?


aria said...

Btw I wanted to ask you something .. do you watch cricket?

Equivocationalist said...

Well, it's a tradition in ireland to not have the faintest idea what cricket is about, and to regard those who watch it with suspicion. Also, I, personally am not a great sports fan, and can't even stand to watch an entire soccer match.

That said, certain individuals have convinced me of the merits of cricket, and while I don't, at present, possess a tv of my own, when i'm in the vicinity of one, and a cricket match is on, I generally take an interest. I followed the 2005 Ashes series with considerably interest, though if you asked me anything about more recent events, i'd be at a loss :).