Friday, 30 March 2007


Ho-hum, a friend of mine wasn't keen on seeing the film, '300', because from the promotions he saw, he thought it might be called 'zoo'. From the bloody motif, I can just imagine what such a film might be - a collation of video footage, of relevant events that have occurred; like the drunk Chinese guy who climbed into a panda enclosure to "give him a hug"; or the more intoxicated people in my own country, who broke into the zoo at night and fed the the lions.

The film tells a great story, but it tells it rather badly. There's a book called 'The Hot Gates' which relates it all so much better. Even though I enjoyed the film, it saddens me to think of the opportunity squandered (except for politically-convenient demonising of Persia).

Go and tell the medics,
stranger passing by,
that here,
inebriated beyond the law,
I lie.


aria said...

Umm .. not seen the movie .. don't plan to see it .. lol just wanted to say .. Hi :D

Equivocationalist said...

:) hi