Saturday, 10 March 2007

All your base...

Those familiar with the internet meme will no doubt cringe at this, and those unfamiliar with it will respond with universal confusion and / or indifference. All the same, in the spirit of pertinacity, I present the following:

[With the caveat that it is a minor spoiler for the (wonderful) series 'Heroes', and is therefore linked to, so that viewing of it is left it to your discretion]


Having now posted that, I would like to divest myself of all involvement and reserve the right, in future, to antipodally distance myself from it.
On the off chance that you actually desire an explanation, I would first caution you against further exploration of the issue, and only after much importuning, acquiesce and point you here, here, or succinctly here.


aria said...

Umm .. this is greek for me but I did click there there and everywhere .. hehe

Equivocationalist said...

I appreciate your considerable commitment to my ramblings - that you even attempt to understand the more esoteric and pointless of my utterances. if i were santa claus (and i'm not categorically stating otherwise), you'd be placed on my 'good' list as a result of this alone. ho ho...umm...ho.